Why You Should Not Neglect Even a Small Leak in Your Roof

When it comes to household issues, there are many that need attention right away. One such issue is leaky roofs.

Leakages are always challenging to deal with no matter how small they may be. A leak is something that can cause your house immense damage if it is left untreated. The damage it causes often goes unnoticed until it is too late, which is why it is even more important to pay attention to a leak in your roof.

Here’s why You Should Not Neglect Even a Small Leak in Your Roof:

Health Hazards

A leak means there’s water dripping from the roof which leaves your floor wet. Such a situation can be hazardous as it is an open ground for slip and fall incidents to occur, some of which can be very dangerous.

This becomes even more troublesome if you have children or elderly in the house. Since you cannot leave a ‘caution’ sign in your room, your best solution is to get the leak repaired.

In addition to this, you also need to keep an eye out for the wooden boards, if they show even a glimpse of decay, hire a roofing company at once and see that it is taken care of because it can lead to severe mold issues and cause allergic reactions to your family, especially those who are suffering from asthmatic problems and other serious health issues.

Fire Hazards

Small leaks may seem non-threatening but they are not. These leaks can cause fire hazards by affecting electrical wiring. If you see any patches or water marks around electrical wires then do not waste anymore time and call a roofing company as well as an electrician to get it sorted. And by all means, stay away from the area and if need be, cut the power to ensure the safety of your home as well as your family’s.

It Can Damage The Structure Of Your House

There’s no doubt about the fact that roofs play an important part to secure your home from harsh weather and strong sunlight. During heavy rains, it is the roof which keeps you secured, however, roofs have their limits and they can get damaged too.

A leak in a roof is an illness that slowly spreads if it isn’t taken care of. These leaks can destroy the foundation of your home and even promote mold growth in the walls as well as the roof.

Your precious furniture, rugs, carpets will be at jeopardy if you keep neglecting these small. Also let’s not forget that these small leaks can turn into big leaks if they are not treated on time.

The Verdict

The wise decision in such a situation is to hire a professional roofing company and have them take a look at the leak and have it repaired. If you do not take this step then the small leak will more likely take a bad shape and destroy your home’s foundation.



It is common to encounter potholes, humps, and bumps on the roads during winter. According to most people, the main reason why shock absorbers and struts are in their cars is to ensure the effect of the mentioned “road warts” is minimized for them to enjoy a comfortable ride. This isn’t the truth since shock absorbers and struts serve the main purpose of keeping you safe by making sure the tires maintain steady road contact when your car encounters bumps.

A vehicle with worn shock absorbers cannot stop easily and adds between 10-20 percent to the braking distance. You can now see how this makes the difference between arriving safely and having an accident.

Have you ever driven a car whose wheels were out of alignment? If yes, you understand the serious safety concerns such a vehicle poses to the occupants. In most cases, the vehicle tends to pull itself to the left or right or the steering wheel gets off-center as the vehicle moves straight. The least you can get from a vehicle with worn shock absorbers or struts and misaligned wheels is a drained wallet as a result of poor gas mileage.

Some of the signs of compromised suspension include:

  • Grifting or pulling during turns
  • Vehicle rides roughly (steering-wheel vibrations)
  • Traction loss during braking or accelerating
  • “Nose dives” or dips when stopping
  • Uneven Tire treads
  • One Corner of the vehicles sits lower than the others when on level ground
  • Difficult steering
  • Damaged “oily” shocks

An out-of-whack wheel alignment and suspension failure don’t keep silent about their situation. You can try the “bounce test” and see whether your suspension is in good condition. The test involves pressing down on the front of your vehicle will all your weight, “bouncing” it several times, then releasing. Repeat the same procedure on the rear of your vehicle. If the vehicle rocks or bounces continuously more than two or three times after releasing it, your suspension is wearing out and needs replacement or repair.

Our partnered auto shop, Kuhn Automotive (mechanic tucker ga) recommends an evaluation of your wheel alignment and suspension every 18 months to 2 years.


A car is one of the biggest investments anyone can have. This is the reason why you need a place where you can get honest advice about the safety of your vehicle. And beyond that, the place has to be trusted implicitly when it comes to keeping your vehicle safe and reliable. You also don’t want to go to an auto repair shop that will charge you more for nothing.

Although it can be difficult or rather challenging when it comes to finding that trustworthy auto repair shop, doing research and giving yourself a little bit of time can help you find exactly what you are looking for. Some of the tips on how to find a quality, trustworthy auto repair shop include:

Ask for Referrals

Don’t expect to find happy customers in a place where no value and quality is offered. Friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers are a good resource when looking for an auto repair shop. As long as an auto repair shop is successful it will have a long list of happy customers coming back. Why do your friends keep going back? Find out if they can recommend the mechanic to you.

Check with a Local auto Parts Store

Local auto repair shops usually buy pars from companies such as NAPA Auto Parts and Carquest. Visit a local auto parts store and ask for a recommendation on the better players in the market.

Check online Ratings

After getting recommendations from friends, family, neighbors, and the local stores, look at the reviews and ratings of each auto repair shop. Here, you’ll be able to see which shops can’t be trusted. Look at what previous customers have said about the kind of service they received. You should be able to narrow down the list to a few shops.

Visit the Auto Repair Shop

Probably you now have two or three shops as your favorites. Pay each of the shops a visit and explain the type of service you’re looking for. Choose an auto repair shop that has an inventory of vehicles similar to yours. Of course, you it has to be a fairly tidy shop with a friendly and professional service. Some shops might not give you much time when there is a lot of repair work to handle. This, however, doesn’t mean they don’t care. At least they should be friendly and welcoming.

When starting a work relationship with the new service provider, try something minor such as an oil exchange or a tire rotation. You should ask questions and see what they recommend. The mechanic should provide details and respond to your questions freely.

Fair Pricing and Extras

Note that higher prices don’t necessarily mean quality work. The same applies with low prices. Look for an auto repair shop that charges fair prices for their service. You may want to choose a shop that offers longer warranties, free loaners, low-cost rental cars, or courtesy shuttle rides if any of these amenities is important to you.